The Mission of DE LORENZO is to provide the best training, operating on best practice principles, and consistently providing quality service.

Our vision is to be the leading training provider of choice within our scope of operation and to always respond to training needs efficiently and professionally whilst offering training excellence.

Company wise, the Mission of DE LORENZO is to continue operating at international level, carrying the flag of the Made in Italy and contributing to the consolidation of the technological know-how of industrialized Countries and to the technical growth of developing Countries.

The commitment of DE LORENZO is to design and manufacture high quality products, suitable for the purpose of training students worldwide.

For more than 60 years, DE LORENZO has distinguished for its ability to develop new products in line with the technological improvements adopted by the industrial world.

DE LORENZO wants to continue representing a strong and qualified reference point in the educational panorama worldwide, by increasing its training proposals, by using at their best the new information technology tools and media, by improving the experiment manuals and by offering to the Technical and Vocational Institutes and to the Universities worldwide more and more efficient and effective products.

DE LORENZO, as Members of the Board, Directors and employees, thinks that it is necessary to combine a proper objective of financial profit, indispensable for the life of the Company, for the welfare of those that work for it and for the development of new initiatives, an ethical-social aspect that finds its application in the commitment to provide products that meet the needs of the customers.

The special social environment in which DE LORENZO operates, so connected to education that is a primary asset for any Country in the world, demands to those that work for it an approach that must keep into account also the importance of what we are doing and the responsibility of our own choices and actions.