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In electrical systems, faults or malfunctions can occur. The main anomalous situations in which an electrical system can be found are short-circuit, electrical leakage, overload and overvoltage. To prevent these events from causing damage to persons or property, appropriate protective devices must be installed such as magnetothermic switch, circuit breaker, fuse, motor protection, etc. Furthermore, in order for the circuit breakers to function properly they must be coordinated with a good grounding system. To put into practice what it has been said before and to allow the final user to perform real experiments, De Lorenzo has realized a compact system including industrial components such as fuse, magnetothermic switch, motor breaker and RCCB (Residual-Current Circuit Breaker). Some accessories are necessary and are suggested such as power supply, resistive load, ammeters and rheostat. It is recommended for high schools and first years of university.

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It allows studying the topics of electrical protective devices relevant to over currents used in civil and industrial applications and their co-ordination to ensure a good tripping sensitivity.

The laboratory provides all the accessories to study the characteristics of a three-pole fuse overcurrent protection, a three-pole thermo-magnetic breaker switch, a three-pole motor circuit breaker and four-pole residual current breaker with physiologic threshold.


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