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An electrical plant indicates, in the field of electrical engineering, the set of electrical, mechanical and physical equipment suitable for transmission and use of electrical energy. The professional figure that deals with the creation and maintenance of these systems is that of the electrician and the civil electrical installations plants are one of the largest categories. They are used in private homes and public access places such as schools and hospitals. De Lorenzo, for this category, has designed different trainers in two versions; one having modular structure of didactic panels, with symbols and diagrams, arranged on a vertical frame and another having workbench structure with panels and kits targeted to installers. The topics covered in the civil electrical installations are basic and advanced lighting plants, signaling plant, house phones plant, hotels/hospital plants, fire and intruder alarm plants, video intercom plant and a large number of installation kits with all the necessary accessories to make any need available. They are recommended for installers and high schools.