Electric Machines

Electric Machines

Electrical machines equipment. Electric machines laboratories: 0.2 kW, 0.3 kW and 1.1 kW.

Each laboratory is composed of:

  • basic autonomous benches with power supplies capable of providing all voltages, in AC or DC, fixed and variable and stabilized in order to develop a course on electrical measurements and electrical machines;
  • universal bases to assemble the machines and to couple them to the other machines of the laboratory;
  • motors, generators, transformers, brakes, RLC loads, instrumentation and accessories to perform any test on electrical machines.

Each electric machine is equipped with a comprehensive training manual showing all tests that can be performed at no-load and load conditions.

Products Details

Test Bench

Trainer electrical machines. An electric machine is a general term for machines using electromagnetic forces; it is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy (Generator) or vice versa (Motor). Electric machines also include transformers, which do not make conversion between mechanical and...

Openlab 0.2 kW

An Open electrical machine laboratory is the lab where rotor windings, stator windings and brushes are completely exposed and where almost all electric machines can be studied. For this type of laboratory, De Lorenzo has developed a compact system in two versions manual and...

Electrical machine laboratory

The electrical machine laboratory is a fundamental subject for all electrical engineering students and for this reason recently De Lorenzo has decided to upgrade the old laboratory equipment and to provide students with hands-on application on up-to-date electric machines, drives and...

Electromechanical constructions

In this area the client can find all that is necessary to be able to build or to construct a machine such as manual coil winder and bobbin holder, winding machines for motors and transformers and also didactic one for motors, kits for the construction of transformers and...

Rated data vs real data

In measurement, a nominal value is often a value existing in name only; it is assigned as a convenient designation rather than calculated following usual methods. The use of nominal values can be based on some technical standards. All real measurements have some variation...

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