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The brushless DC electric motors (BLDC) are synchronous motors powered by direct current powering magnets, via an inverter or switching power supply, to move the rotor within the stator. They are increasingly replacing the conventional or brushed motors due to their superior efficiency, high durability and their high speed of operation.

To give the final user the opportunity to learn the technology of this type of motors, De Lorenzo has developed a compact system (a case) that includes, in addition to the previous brushless motor, also a PLC and a HMI to enrich this system and make it very current.

Each hardware component is independent allowing the study in autonomous way. This equipment is recommended for high schools and first years of university.

This product is a complete didactic system for the study of 3 disciplines (DC brushless motor, PLC and Human Machine Interface HMI), important in both industrial and civil sectors. It has been developed as an “open” system; each hardware component is independent from the other ones, allowing the study of each system in autonomous way, connecting other existing equipment of the laboratory.

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Technical Specifications
Brushless DC motor
• Rated output power Pn: 150 W
• Voltage supply VDC: 24 V
• Rated current: 11 A
• Rated speed: 3000 rpm
• Rated torque: 0,4 Nm
PLC and HMI system
• Input: 14 digital point and 4 analog point
• Output: 10 digital point and 2 analog point
• Support for the PWM function
• Power supply: 24Vdc
• Display type: TFT LCD
• Touch screen: 4.3 inch , 4‐wire resistive
• Programming software support a multiple languages
• Communications: the system support the Ethernet
communication and the modbus RTU communication
• Display type: TFT LCD
• Display size (diagonal): 4.3”
• Max Colors: 65536
• Resolution: 480x272
• Touch screen: 4.3 inch , 4‐wire resistive
• CPU and core logic: 32Bit RISC 400MHz processor
• DRAM: 64MB DDR2 on board
• I/O: 1 serial port COM1 RS485 and 1 Ethernet Port (10/100 Base‐T)
• Power supply: 24Vdc
• Software: EB8000 with multilingual programming

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