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The scope acquisition module, suggested in Electrical Power Engineering laboratory, allows to develop advanced and precise measurement solutions in short times. It provides the user the possibility to perform and to monitor the most important variables regarding the system under test. It allows the connection, in safety way, to high voltage outputs and to monitor the trend of the signals, in real time, through the integrated interface and a dedicated software. It includes four measurement amplifiers with galvanic isolation for voltage and current with four proportional outputs, a multiplexer for four channels, a mathematical module with proportional output and a space vector indicator. Beside that main unit, there is a DAQ board with USB interface, six analogue inputs, two analogue outputs, three digital I/O and an auxiliary relay (NO/NC). It is supplied complete with a software developed and built in National Instrument GUI interface and compatible with LabVIEW. It is dedicated to high schools and first years of university.

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This module convert sup to four high voltage signals V/Ito insulated low voltage signals at 0-10V for their safe acquisition using an onboard National Instruments DAQ or an external oscilloscope.
The system is supplied with a software developed in LabVIEW that allows data acquisition and graphical display of the signals on a PC.
The use of this module along with De Lorenzo laboratories will give the user the possibility to monitor, for example, the three-phase power signals that are found in electrical machines systems or to perform the analysis of high voltages present in the transmission lines that interconnect grid sub-systems.
It can be used with the following laboratories: electrical machines, power electronics, power engineering, Smart Grid, etc.
Isolation amplifier, channels A, B, C, E:
• Frequency range: dc to 80 kHz.
• Input voltage: Max 620 Vdc/460 Vac
- Input resistance Ri = 1 MW
- Three-stage attenuator: 1:1; 1:10; 1:100
- Accuracy: ±2% of full scale range
• Input current: Max: 10 A continuous
- 16 A for t< 15 min; 20 A for t<2 min.
- Internal resistance: 30 mW
- Two-stage attenuator: 1 V/A; 1/3 V/A
- Accuracy: ±5% of full scale range
DAQ Specifications:
• 6 analog inputs (14-bit, 48 kS/s)
• 2 analog outputs (12-bit); 12 digital I/O; 32-bit counter
• USB Bus-powered; built-in signal connectivity
• Compatible with LabVIEW

DL 4250

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